Eric Feron


į      I am a Professor in The School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech

į      I am the co-director of The Decision and Control Laboratory at Georgia Tech

į      I am (sometimes) a consulting Professor at Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

į      I am affiliated with the Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Automation Laboratory at ENAC

į      I am an Associate researcher at Institut Supˇrieur de lÕAˇronautique et de lÕEspace (Supaˇro)

į      My resume: (PDF file)

į      What happened to my former students

į      I am an ambassador for the city of Toulouse, France


į      My Online Master of Science in Computer Science course on Cyber-Physical Systems


į      To the aspiring PhD candidate: What's my PhD about?


Send Mail to:

Eric Feron

feron at gatech dot edu

School of Aerospace Engineering
270 Ferst Drive Atlanta GA 30332-0150

Phone: 617 413 7666
Here is a map to go to my TSRB office 432 at Georgia Tech

For all inquiries regarding projects, publications or the Decision and Control Laboratory, please contact

Alysia Watson
alysia dot watson at aerospace dot gatech dot edu

Phone 678 345 2003

My books (in historical order)

1994                          2006                        2016

My other publications


My experimental research platforms (click on images for more information)



 NASAÕs F-18 SRA (1995)            Boston Logan International airport (1998)


MITÕs Autonomous Helicopter (2001)         Edwards AFBÕs Autonomous Trio (2003)


QuanserÕs and S.R. HallÕs 3 Degree of Freedom helicopter (2004)




New YorkÕs LaGuardia Airport (2009)                      San Francisco Airport (2015)



The Georgia Tech Robotarium (2016)        The reduced gravity laboratory (2017)


The wheel Nature could have invented (2017)